All kinds of specific solutions to attend to your needs.

Our engineering department has over 30 years’ experience in agitation processes, and offers all kinds of specific solutions to attend to your needs. We have simulation tools and pilot plants to support our studies.


The numerical simulation of fluid dynamics (CFD – computational fluid dynamics) is an excellent tool for gaining a deeper understanding of the complex phenomena involved in agitated tank currents.

We use it at LINK INDUSTRIAL to:

  • Optimise impeller design.
  • Establish the stresses on impellers, shafts and internal parts of the tank.
  • Calculate local heat transmission coefficients.
  • Understand the behaviour of fluids when the agitator is asymmetrically placed in a tank.
  • Establish local turbulent shearing and turbulent dissipation of energy.


The finite elements method (FEM) is used to establish the deformations, tensions and frequencies of mechanical structures subject to stresses, moments or pressures.

Analysis of the results of FEM calculations enables us to discover and prevent potential problems before they happen.

FEM calculations can considerably improve the reliability of agitators, tanks and other components in industrial machinery.