We know just how delicate this sector can be.

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets products for medicinal purposes to treat or prevent diseases and their symptoms.

The industry’s activities have a direct effect on human health, which makes it subject to the strictest laws and regulations regarding the manufacturing processes it uses.

We know just how delicate this sector can be, and so thanks to our flexibility and capacity to adapt, we can scale the most complex manufacturing processes and provide solutions for different scenarios, because we know the requirements in detail and work with the maximum quality and dedication to comply with them.

Manufactured products

  • Devices for manufacturing syrups
  • Agitators and micronisers for manufacturing lotions and ointments
  • Agitators for manufacturing active principles
  • Nutsche filters for filtering and drying active principles
  • Magnetic agitators for hygienic manufacturing
  • Agitators for mouthwashes
  • Agitators for manufacturing vaccines and APIs
  • Agitators for keeping products in suspension, dispersion or solution
  • Agitators with sanitary designs in line with GMP and FDA regulations. Suitable for SIP/CIP processes.
  • Agitators for sterile liquid preparation (injectable)
  • Agitators for fermentation processes
  • Agitators for manufacturing antibiotics
  • Thin film evaporators to manufacture vitamins