Essential competitive factor.

Energy and symbiosis with the environment are essential competitive factors for many industrial sectors.

That’s why we design and manufacture industrial agitation machinery that are key elements in making water and waste treatment processes work at their best.

Our experience and knowledge also enable us to offer mixing solutions for bio-fuel plants.

Scopes of application for our machines

  • Water treatment in WWTP (waste water treatment plants). Coagulation, Flocculation, Decanting, Neutralisation, Preparing reagents, Preparing polymers, Mixtures and suspensions, Sludge homogenisation, Preparing lime slurries.

  • Purines. Agitators for purine storage tanks

  • Biogas plants. Digesters: Specialists in manufacturing agitators for digesters. Vertical intake, guarantees fluid homogenisation with good solids suspension, uniform bacteria distribution and prevent the formation of crust at the top of the reactor. They have a sealing system based on a hydraulic lock to prevent gases from leaking into the atmosphere

  • Biodiesel plants. Agitators for biodiesel and bio-fuel manufacturing plants.