Type of Micronisers

Devices with high capacity to disperse and mix


Specially designed to obtain good dispersion levels and a good mixture all at the same time.


Devices with rotor-stator system for when high shear levels are needed.


High dispersion, mixing and pumping capacity thanks to the rotor/stator system for continuous work.

Dispersion and micronisation can be regarded as a sub-process of agitation.

Many end products in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries are dispersions and emulsions.

The MICROLINK and TURBOLINK units that we manufacture are specially designed to obtain excellent results for these processes.

To obtain stable emulsions, a particle size of between 0.1 and 1 microns is essential. This can be achieved with a very high level of agitation. The greater the local energy contributed by the microniser, the smaller the particle.

We have several solutions

To obtain perfect agitation in cosmetic products like creams, toothpaste, etc., the recommended process is to combine a fast agitator with a slow one that has a high flow rate.

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