Type of Evaporators

Specialists in designing and building thin film and short path concentrators

Thin Film

The product is constantly fed from the top.

Short Path

The condenser is placed inside the machine in short path evaporators.


Similar to THIN FILM but with a configuration that enables the distances to the rotor walls to be regulated.

Specialists in designing and building thin film and short path concentrators.

Thin film evaporators.

Mixtures of liquids can be separated by distillation into their individual components if they have different vapour pressures. However, heat sensitive components can break down if they are subjected to high temperatures. The level of breakdown increases exponentially with the temperature and in a linear manner with residence time.

Evaporation under pressure greatly reduces the boiling point. Thin film evaporation also achieves high transmission coefficients (which means machines with less area than traditional evaporators) and very low residence times (normally less than 1 minute). For this reason vacuum thin film evaporation is the most suitable process for concentrating heat sensitive products.

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