Types of Agitators

We design and manufacture made to measure mixing machines with multiple applications.


The MIXLINK vertical agitators are robust machines, manufactured in accordance with specifications for standard models or made to measure according to the application.

LAT side-entry

The MIXLINK-LATC and MIXLINK-LATD agitators are compact machines designed to maintain a finished product.

TAP side-entry

The MIXLINK-TAP fixed angle agitators are specially designed for large tanks that store crude oil or petroleum derivatives.


The MIXLINK MAG agitators are specially designed for aseptic and sanitary processes in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.


Enable one single machine to combine slow movement using an anchor (with or without scrapers) and a faster contra-rotating movement with turbines, usually dual flow or versafoil.


The MIXLINK-IBC agitators are specially designed for installation in IBC containers to mix liquids, disperse or maintain solids in suspension.

We design and manufacture made to measure mixing machinery.

Our agitators are optimised to do the very best in all the applications required by industry.

  • Chemical reaction
  • Homogenisation of different liquid components with different properties
  • Solid-liquid mixing
  • Dispersions
  • Heat transfer by increasing convective movement next to conveyor surfaces
  • Mass transfer by boosting contact between different phases and compositions
  • Solids suspension
  • Emulsions
  • Gassing
  • Hydrogenation
  • Fermentation

Our agitators are installed on the premises of major companies in a large number of sectors.

To optimise mixing times and improve the critical points of each process, we work closely with our clients to fine tune the machine design and meet the demands of each sector.

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