We specialise in designing
and manufacturing agitators
and rotary equipment.


A wide range of agitators to obtain mixtures, homogenisations, dispersions, hydrogenisations, fermentations, etc.

Nutsche Filters

Specially designed for filtering applications in the fine chemistry, pharmacy and food industries.


Devices that enable and encourage hydrogenation reactions. We currently have equipment in service of up to 140 bar pressure, with triple or magnetic locks.


Designed to optimise processes that require dispersion, emulsion and/or high shearing operations.

Solids mixers

Mixing equipment for solid, damp and/or suspended solids such as agglomerates, powders, pastes, doughs, etc.


Thin film and short path type evaporating equipment that allows short residence times with high transmission coefficients.

Agitated reactors

Link Industrial can provide our clients with complete solutions thanks to our complete agitator-reactor units.

Accessories and components

Designed to facilitate maintenance, process adaptation, etc.


A wide variety of options: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, wall-fixed or on wheels. Made to measure according to our clients’ needs.

Our focus is on engineering, manufacturing and marketing agitators, micronisers, nutsche filters, solids mixers and agitated thin film evaporators.

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