To collaborate and work closely with our clients, to develop a working network that creates common, long-lasting values and to provide personalised solutions adjusted to client needs.


Link Industrial’s vision is to be a leader and benchmark in the market of agitation technology for industrial processes, working in collaboration and establishing partnerships based on trust with major companies in the international industrial fabric, while remaining true to our ethical principles and beliefs in quality and service.


· Understanding what provides value for our clients and focusing on providing that value in everything we do.

· Collaboration and team work, to become a trusted partner for our clients.

· Flexibility and adaptation to change and to our clients’ needs.

· Ongoing improvement towards excellence as a working approach, to stay at the forefront of agitation technology and its applications.

· Quality, our equipment is made to comply with the strictest international quality standards.

· Commitment and responsibility, offering support and after-sales services throughout the life cycle of our equipment.

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