We specialise in designing
and manufacturing agitators
and rotary equipment.


A wide range of agitators to obtain mixtures, homogenisations, dispersions, hydrogenisations, fermentations, etc.

Nutsche Filters

Specially designed for filtering applications in the fine chemistry, pharmacy and food industries.


Devices that enable and encourage hydrogenation reactions. We currently have equipment in service of up to 140 bar pressure, with triple or magnetic locks.


Designed to optimise processes that require dispersion, emulsion and/or high shearing operations.

Solids mixers

Mixing equipment for solid, damp and/or suspended solids such as agglomerates, powders, pastes, doughs, etc.


Thin film and short path type evaporating equipment that allows short residence times with high transmission coefficients.

Agitated reactors

Link Industrial can provide our clients with complete solutions thanks to our complete agitator-reactor units.

Accessories and components

Designed to facilitate maintenance, process adaptation, etc.


A wide variety of options: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, wall-fixed or on wheels. Made to measure according to our clients’ needs.

Our focus is on engineering, manufacturing and marketing agitators, micronisers, nutsche filters, solids mixers and agitated thin film evaporators.

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40 years of experience means we can give the best advice on the ideal technical and financial solution for each application.

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Sectors we
specialise in

Our machines are used in a wide range of processes such as chemical reactions, preparing mixtures, solids, liquids, solids suspension and heat reactions, among others.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry creates a tremendous range of products that have a direct or indirect influence on every aspect of our lives

Chemical Industry

While many of the products in the industry are purchased directly by the consumer, others are used as intermediates to make third-party products.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry develops, produces and markets products for medicinal purposes to treat or prevent diseases and their symptoms.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Because its activity directly affects human health, this industry is subject to the strictest laws and regulations regarding manufacturing processes that concern it.

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Cosmetics Industry

The cosmetics and toiletries sector/industry has shown the most solid and stable growth of any industry in recent years.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry

It is related to the manufacture of all types of products and preparations for body and/or aesthetic hygiene.

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Food Industry

The food industry is governed by very stringent quality and hygiene standards.

Food Industry

We specialize in the design and manufacture of equipment according to FDA and GMP standards.

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Veterinary Industry

An industry that produces animal feeds, medicines and veterinary products.

Veterinary Industry

We specialize in the design and manufacture of equipment according to FDA and GMP standards.

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Mining Industry

Possibly the sector with the longest tradition in materials processing.

Mining Industry

The mining industry focuses on the exploitation of minerals and the processing of their derivatives.

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Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry produces petroleum and natural gas-based products for use in a range of industries.

Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry produces and markets oil and natural gas derivatives for later use in different industries.

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Energy and Environment

Energy and symbiosis with the environment are essential competitive factors for many industrial sectors.

Energy and Environment Industry

Energy and the symbiosis with the environment is an essential competitiveness factor for many companies and industrial sectors.

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Services available
for projects

Our engineering department has simulation tools and pilot plants to support project studies.


A lot of accumulated experience, with specific solutions for each project.


Our manufacturing department enables us to manufacture equipment with maximum efficiency.


We offer our clients a top quality assembly and start-up service for the equipment we supply.

Pilot Plants & Laboratory

We have pilot equipment for laboratory tests.


Technical support and advice throughout the entire life cycle of our equipment.

Modification & Redesign

We redesign and modify to guarantee maximum efficiency.


We repair and retrofit agitators and/or complete units.

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